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Signature Cakes are offered for sale online with the option of adding a personal banner.

Any order placed online will be ready in as early as 2 days for pick up, unless specified for a later date. 


*To order a custom Cake, please email.


To order a custom cake, cupcakes, or cake pops, please send a detailed email that states the date you will be needing it for, desired design ideas, flavors, and how many people you need the order to feed.

If you're not sure what exactly you would like, just include any information you do know, and I will happily help with the rest of the details! 


For any custom order, I will need at least 2 full weeks notice. 


Response time will be within 24 hours of order inquiry. 

*Delivery is an option with a fee based on location. Please include delivery address in email and the rate of delivery will be quoted in the response email.

**To order a custom Cake/Treats, please email.


Cupcakes are sold 1 flavor per dozen and range between $35-55 a dozen depending on flavor and design.

*To order custom Cupcakes, please email.


Cake Jars are perfect for any special occasion and can have customized labels and/or tags and ribbon to match any event! 


Cake Jars are sold 1 flavor per every 6 jars


8oz jars- $42 for 6


4oz jars- $30 for 6

*To order custom Cake Jars, please email.


 Cake Pops are sold 1 flavor per dozen and range between $25-35 a dozen depending on flavor and design.

*To order custom Cake Pops, please email.


For $50 you may choose 3 cake flavor combinations and will receive 2 cupcakes of each flavor.


Each additional flavor combination will be a $10 increase.


*Please email for Cake Tasting inquiries. 

Caramel Jars

Perfect for wedding and party favors! Caramel Jars are the sweetest gift. If needed for an event or wedding they are easy to personalize.

Classic Caramel and/or Cinnamon Caramel

4oz Glass Jars - $5 single jar

                         $27 six jars

8oz Glass Jars - $8 single jar

                         $42 six jars

*Additional 50 cents a jar for personalized lids.

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